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Seashore Vacations was established in the mid-1960s by Don Peterson using the name the DC Peterson Company aka Seashore Vacations. In 1993 – Deb & Pete Welch bought Seashore Vacations and Buddy Konecny remained with the company after the sale. Over the next 6 years, the business and staff grew under the leadership of Deb, Pete & Buddy including construction of our current office building which was completed in 1995.Buddy eventually purchased the business in 1999 and he continues to operate and grow Seashore today by applying the same values & principles that date back to the original opening in the 1960s.

Our team is ready to serve you. We work all aspects of the rental business, from reservations to homeowner care, to maintenance, inspections, I.T., marketing, billing, recommendations, amenities, HOA relationships and more.

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Buddy Konecny was born and raised in Marion, South Carolina, by his grandparents Dr. and Mrs. Bill Cheezem, who also built a house on Hilton Head Island in the mid-70s on Blue Heron Point. During summers while in college, Buddy lived at Blue Heron Point and worked for a local rental agency and cleaning company. Upon graduating from Clemson in 1987, Buddy remained in the rental business, and began working with the DC Peterson Company/ Seashore Vacations in 1989, eventually buying it in 1999.  Buddy can be found year-round in the office and is known for his steadfast service for over 30 years to homeowners and guests alike.

Pete Waldron joined Seashore Vacations in late spring 2016 after working at Harbour Town Golf Links in many positions. His background in golf and island recreation make him a valuable asset not only for larger golf groups but for those interested in island activities and sports. Pete hails from Long Island, NY and like many folks up North has stayed down here where the weather is warm. Pete works with the Seashore Office staff on reservations, guest and homeowner management and general support. His sense of humor is greatly appreciated escpecially during the high season!

Richard Williamson is Seashore Vacations' all around "IT" guy. He works mostly in the field solving owners' and guests' installation, repair, mechanical, electrical and communications problems when is is not in the office helping with reservation and owner/guest calls. Richard originally is from Maine and made it to Hilton Head during the 90s and has stayed here in the warmer weather since...Richard has an extensive background in the hospitality industry including hotel management, food and beverage wait staff and support along with hosting and management. His skills are very well rounded for Seashore Vacations' needs and you can find him in the field on a daily basis as a problem solver.

Heidi Weber has been with Seashore Vacations since 2012 and is our on-property supervisor, inspector, friend, problem solver, quick repair and eyes in the field. She focuses on property content, cleaning company (vendor) management, inventory management and scheduling. During the busy summer months she is found all across the south end keeping our field teams and tasks aligned. Heidi and her family are orignially from Ohio but ventured down south during Heidi's HIgh School years, so she has called  Hilton Head home for quite a while. She attended Mount Union College in Ohio and then graduated from SCAD found just across the state line in Savannah. Her family is all still on Hilton Head and she enjoys fitness and living on the south end, close to the beach, work and friends.

Lynn Seiler has been with Seashore Vacations since 2009 and originally hails from Michigan. She fell in love with warmer weather and made the trek to Hilton Head in 2005. Lynn worked in real estate and property management prior to joining Seashore Vacations and has a long career providing excellent customer care and homeowner support. Lynn has a large family and is a very loving and active mother and grandmother.

Cissy Facenda rejoins Seashore Vacations after a long hiatus. Cissy was with Seashore Vacations for many years and left while her children were young. Cissy rejoined Seashore in 2019 and has stepped right back in as if never gone. She was raised on Hilton Head Island and began her managment career when her parents began a small cleaning and rental company in the 80s. She has extensive proerty management experience with local regime companies and is a valued asset in homeowner relations. She is a mother of two, and sister of Buddy Konecny. We are truly proud to have family in our family owned company. 

Lila McLaurin Konecny began working with Seashore Vacations as a part-time employee in 2014 after a long tenure with Hargray Communications. Her specialty is graphic design and marketing. She focuses on accounting, our online presence and I.T. support...in the summer she is mostly found out on property. Lila was also born in Marion SC and graduated from Clemson University. She is a avid Tiger fan. She is a fitness instructor at Players Club on DeAllyon and can be found bar tending on the Salty Dog Sunset Cruise some week nights and Fridays. Lila began her her Hilton Head tenure in the 90s after graduation and when not working several jobs, she may be spotted on the beach or on someone's boat (Lila is also Buddy's wife.).

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