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Beach Gear Credit with Your Vacation Rental

Seashore Vacations on Hilton Head has partnered with VayKLife to make your vacation easy-breezy!

Seashore Vacations has a deluxe addition to your upcoming stay. We now include beach gear rentals and delivery through our beach partner VayKLife.  As a Seashore Vacations customer, you receive credits that may be used towards bike rentals, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, rolling carts, boogie boards, and more! Your beach gear credit ranges from $150 to $350 per week depending on the property you’ve rented. Multi-week stays receive additional credits.

Pack Less – Relax More! Your rentals are delivered the day you arrive and picked up on your departure. All you do is leave the gear clean right where you found it on arrival and VayKLife will handle all the rest! Save space coming and going! No packing needed.

Claim Your Beach Gear

How Does It Work?

  1. Make a Reservation with Seashore and Receive a Beach Gear Credit: Reserve your stay in one of Seashore Vacations’ rental properties. Upon confirmation, VayKLife will email you with a link. You will need your Seashore Vacations confirmation number to enter into the VayKLife Link. A credit for your equipment rental will automatically be applied to your upcoming reservation (3 week rental max for credit(s). Longer stays will be discounted accordingly.)
  2. Choose Your Gear: Bikes, bike baskets, beach chairs, carts, umbrellas, skim and body boards are all available for delivery and pickup. If you are coordinating for a large group, this truly makes your task a lot easier. All chairs, bikes, umbrellas, etc. can be delivered at one time for your entire party. (Gear rentals must be reserved at least 48 hours prior to arrival.)
  3. Enjoy Onsite Delivery on Your Arrival Day: Your equipment will be delivered to your vacation rental property when you and your guests arrive. Bike Rentals will be delivered to bike racks with your reservation number and Seashore Vacations Logo printed on the rear.
  4. Have Fun at the Beach! Enjoy all of your equipment for as long as your stay on Hilton Head Island allows. Problems? No such thing… just email or call (888) 577-7412 directly (please have your reservation number handy).
  5. No Hassle Departure: All we ask is that you please clean your gear upon checking out. Leave all chairs, umbrellas, small items, etc. where you found them. Please leave bikes in assigned bike racks. VayKLife will begin work at 6am during the season to retrieve all equipment. We are careful to leave your packing to you, we will do our best to be non-obtrusive during pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions About VayKLife:

Q: Can I change my beach gear selection after I order?

Changes are allowed free of charge up to 4pm the day after your scheduled check-in date. Selection changes made within 48 hours of your scheduled check-in date are subject to availability and a late fee. Delivery of items ordered within 48 hours of check-in will be made on the next scheduled delivery day.

Q: If I don’t use all my credits can that be applied to my rental rate?

All VayKLife credits are in partnership with Seashore Vacations to be used toward beach gear rentals. No credits can be applied toward your villa/home rental from Seashore Vacations.

Q: What if my reservation was in place prior to this offering by Seashore Vacations and VayKLife?

You will receive an email from VayKLife inviting you to take advantage of this partnership between Seashore Vacations, Inc. credits may apply depending on length of stay.

Q:  What if I am staying 2 or 3 weeks?  Will I receive additional credits?

Stays for up to 2 weeks will receive credits ranging from $300 to $700 depending on the property.  Stays for as long as 3 weeks range from $450 to $1050 per stay. Stays longer than 22 nights will receive a preferred rate, but no additional credit.

Q: Can I pick up the Gear, so we have it when we arrive?

VayKLife handles all delivery and all retrieval of equipment rentals. It will be delivered before 5pm on check-in day and picked up starting at 6am on check-out day (no charge on check-out). Keep your car and trunk space at a premium, don’t pack your beach gear!

Q: Do you have a list of beach gear offered?

Click here to see what VayKLife has to offer you – from bikes to beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers and more. Some watercraft items will not be delivered to villas due to restrictions by the HOA’s.

Q: Are bike locks included?

Yes, there is one lock for every 2 bikes. Additional locks can be rented for $16 each.

Q: Can I attach kid trailers or baby carriers to the bikes?

Currently, VayKLife does not have attachments for children nor do we allow third-party attachments. Please don’t alter our equipment during your stay.

Q: Do I need to be there for Drop-Off or Pick-Up

No one is required to be onsite and VayKLife will send you a message when your order has been delivered. Your reservation number and the Seashore Vacations logo will be visible on your equipment.

Q: Can I get damage protection on my gear?

“Gear Damage Protection” is just 8.9% of your gear order and is automatically selected for you at checkout. Click Here for full Equipment Terms for VayKLife.

VayKLife Support

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